Potts Welding & Boiler Repair

Our Team

Our Team

Our Team is Reliable and Efficient!

When boiler equipment operators need a reliable, efficient fabricator to help stay online or minimize down time, they turn to Potts Welding & Boiler Repair. As a fully integrated fabricator, with rapid response capabilities and over 90 years of service experience, Potts Welding is uniquely qualified to respond! We are a dependable and reliable partner with a comprehensive portfolio of customers and solutions. Our service goals are simple:

1. To provide high quality boiler replacement parts,

2. At the absolute best value within our peer manufacturing group

3. And to make every contract/order a successful one!


William J. Ward
Tammy Burris
Vice President of Human Resources


George Shilling
Vice President of Operations
Rosendo Ramirez
Vice President of Manufacturing

Project Management

Cheryl Tielleman
Project Manager
Ed Sise
Process Improvement Manager
Bob Powell
Project Manager